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Transform the Future Through Theater

Empower Voters with a Theatrical Journey into America's Past.
      Organize a staged reading of   First Ladies and the Big White Lie   in your community before the 2024 election.      
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Set The Stage

First Ladies and the Big White Lie is not just a play—it's a call to action. Staged in an afterlife above the White House, this gripping 90-minute drama brings together nine historic women to confront and wrestle with the most seismic events in recent American history—from Donald Trump's election to George Floyd's death to January 6th.

In 2020, one-third of eligible voters chose not to vote. 

As we approach the 2024 election, First Ladies and the Big White Lie acts as an artistic exploration and civic catalyst.

  • Organize a reading in your community.

  • Inspire Voter Participation.

  • Deepen engagement in democracy.

Why This Play? Why Now?

Stage Mist


The play challenges us to rethink what we have learned about the origins of America, the Founders, and women's place in society.


As we approach another critical election, these iconic women inspire activism, hope, and moral clarity about what we want our own legacy to be.


With a unique narrative perspective and flexible casting, this play is perfect for diverse theater groups looking to perform timely and inspiring material.

Fundraising for Democracy

As part of our commitment to fostering active citizenship and enhancing voter participation, we urge all producers to utilize the performances of  First Ladies and the Big White Lie  as a powerful fundraising tool.


We recommend that any profits from ticket sales be directed towards vital Get Out The Vote efforts.

We provide guidance for producers and performers, tools for publicity, and tips for using the play and discussion to inspire voters and maximize your impact.

“I was riveted...every moment brought a new idea, a funny or touching association with the past and the present.”

“Patsy’s story is America’s story. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

“An amazing political and theatrical experience. The concept is brilliant.”


1. Download the Script:

Register HERE to download the script free of charge, available until November 5, 2024.

2. Spread the Word:

Share your event on social media with our campaign hashtags #StageProgress and #LadiesMakeHistory, and tag us at @FirstLadieAndTheBigWhiteLie. We encourage at least five posts to help build momentum.

3. Connect and Share:

Engage your audience in post-show discussions, sharing insights and resources on how to get involved in local and national elections.

4. Engage Your Community:

Consider approaching prominent people in your community; audiences will love to see their pastor, school principal, mayor, or local radio personality portray Abigail Adams, Eleanor Roosevelt or Jackie Kennedy!

Act Now

Are you ready to make history?

Sign up to read the full script of the play, plan a staged reading, and join a nationwide effort to use theater for social change and voter mobilization. Let’s use the power of performance to illuminate the past and inspire the future. Together, we can turn artistic expression into civic action and ensure a fair and vibrant democracy.

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First Ladies And The Big White Lie

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