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Kudos for "First Ladies"

Our first staged readings, directed by Lennie Dean in April 2022, boasted the finest actors in Sonoma County.

Here's what the audiences said:

"I felt I walked away learning about history, appreciating first ladies and most of all enchanted by a brilliant play." --Erica W.

"You have created an amazing political and theatrical experience. The overall concept is brilliant."

"I was riveted from the first minute...So intelligent and thought provoking! And not a word wasted; every moment brought a new idea, or a cultural reference, or some other funny or touching association with the past and the present. Really remarkable. " -- Kathryn P.

"An amazing achievement. A wonderful and thoughtful creation." Bonnie G.

"I loved What the Constitution Means to Me. But First Ladies is better." --Diana C.

"It engaged me, infuriated me, intrigued me, it had me thinking for days afterward." --Andy R.

"I can only rave about the play. " --Donna H.

"Intriguing, funny."

"Beautiful, painful, funny, moving."

"Fascinating, humorous, profoundly moving."

"Insightful, provocative."

"Patsy’s story is America’s story. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

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